Mechanic / Racing 7-month Training Program

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7 months (April 1st - Oct. 31st 2014)
• Budget-friendly damage deposit requirement!
• Since 2013: 50% more racing!
• Basic proficiency with a manual transmission.
• Age from 18 to 39 years old. 16-17 need parental consent.
• Have our medical form completed by your doctor.
• Over 6'4" / 275 lbs or have unusual body proportions? You may still fit. See fitment details.
• $500 ColourTech Motorsports personalized photo package.
• $800 Academy embroidered Karbon sportswear package.
$1390 CDN one-time tuition fee

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Introduction 2014 MTP7 Program Description 2014 MTP7 Program Driving Curriculum You will drive 2008 Van Diemen Formula cars... at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre Program Requirements Application


The complete program requires participation from April 1st to October 31st. (Please note: we have a new, more affordable 3½-month program.) Custom programs with reduced driving sessions for other calendar periods can sometimes be arranged.

No previous experience necessary but you should be mechanically inclined, self motivated, enthusiastic and ready for a challenging season of racing training! Please refer to the requirements section shown below for further details.

The one-time tuition fee is only $1390 CDN and includes a $800 Academy embroidered Karbon 10-piece sportswear crew uniform + $500 ColourTech Motorsports personalized photo package. Personal expenses will add about $700 CDN per month excluding apartment rent. Canadian Immigration Laws have special rules to assist with international student visas, click here to visit their web site.

Launch a Racing Career! 15 to 20% of our trainees have obtained work within motorsports at virtually every level from IRL and other open wheel Series as well as various closed wheel Series.

(Group photo from 2013 program.)

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2014 MTP7 Program Description

Training and experience will be provided in both driving / racing and the mechanical aspects of open wheel formula cars. While no experience is necessary, you will certainly leave with an admirable level of experience. Whether you come for the driving or the mechanical activities, you'll leave with having enjoyed getting both!

Trainees will benefit from training on most of the following subjects click here for expanded list:

Fasteners, suspension, brake systems, alignments, engines, gearboxes, drive lines, cooling systems, bodywork, aerodynamics, ignition systems, check lists, fabrication, wheels / tires, bearings, electrical, safety, customer service, steering, fuel systems, shift linkages, torches, welding & machining.

Make no mistake, functioning as part of our Academy's Team or on a Pro Team requires a unique dedication and temperament. Similar to Pro Racing, our program not only requires that you successfully participate your way through the early season learning process, but also prove your ability to retain your focus and performance when tasks / programs become very repetitive in nature as the season comes to a close. Racing Teams have told us that lots of mechanics can be enthused and focused when it's new and fun, but only the best can retain this required performance level through the balance of the season when it counts most. Pro Teams who call on us for recommendations know our program follows the same early season fun / end season grind pattern.

Similar to Pro Teams, the long hours of the program (usually parallel the functioning of the Academy's events) will be split between many hours of fairly basic tasks as part of a crew where frankly the challenge is maintaining focus / performance in the face of boredom, and the incredible excitement of getting to race yourself!

Also similar to the functioning of Pro teams is the opportunity for Top Achievers in our program to be offered the ability to enjoy a higher level of training on the various systems and equipment we have in our shop as the season progresses. While everyone is encouraged to strive to reach this level of participation, only about half of the program participants are successful.

Training Program activities include but are not limited to:

  • driving events as detailed below
  • pit lane & corner working activities
  • shop activities

Since 2013 offered in shorter, more affordable version!

  • Same training
  • New: 50% more racing in driving program
  • Same rent assistance
  • Same Scholarship Awards

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2014 MTP7 Program Driving Curriculum

Trainees starting at the beginning of the program will receive, on dates to be selected by the Academy:

  • Our 3-day Race License Course (Wheel-to-Wheel Racing)
  • 10 lapping practice sessions
  • 3 Practice Race Days each including:
    • 15-minute practice
    • 15-minute qualifying with coaching tips
    • 20-minute race (number of laps TBD)

  • Trainee Scholarship Awards: Your driving (incl. other on-track parameters) will be scored on 3 separate driving event days throughout the season, towards the year-end Scholarship Award Credits:
    • $10,000 CDN - 1st place
    • $6,000 CDN - 2nd place
    • $3,000 CDN - 3rd place
    • $2,000 CDN - Top Sportsman (as voted by your fellow trainees)

    Winners may apply these Academy Credits towards their own personal entry in our Lapping Practice days. Credits are valid for the 2 following seasons only, are non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Responsibility to book while availability exists rests solely with the winners.

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You will drive 2008 Van Diemen Formula cars...

/images/2008/vd2008strip.jpg (14K)

You will love driving our fleet of modern Van Diemen Formula cars! Everything from their incredible handling and acceleration to their amazing braking capabilities will entice you to want to push yourself and the car to greater heights each and every session. They're a dream come true! [read more]

Top of Page at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre

NEW FOR 2014! Purpose-built training track designed from the ground up expressly for driver development. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park owners Carlo Fidani and Ron Fellows have totally revamped the Driver Development Centre! In contrast to our previous 1.7km track length, the new track offers two configurations of 2.2km (intermediate) and 2.9km (advanced).

See our satellite overlay photo, track map and more on our Canadian Tire Motorsport Park page.

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Program Requirements

Basic proficiency with a manual transmission. No previous experience necessary but you should be mechanically inclined, self motivated, enthusiastic and ready for a challenging season of racing training! Most people fit in our Formula cars, see fitment details.

Age Requirement 18 to 39 yrs old (16 & 17 year olds may be admitted with parent or guardian consent).

Damage Responsibility All trainees are responsible for race car and equipment damages similar to our regular customers. The Academy requires a damage deposit of $1,000 CDN. (Please note: an additional $1000 damage deposit is required on the three practice race days August through October. The unused portion will be refunded within a week of the event.) This deposit, minus any outstanding amounts, is refunded after trainees depart. Please note your vehicle damage responsibilities during program driving days will range from $0 to $3,500 CDN. The Academy reserves the right to raise a mechanic's damage deposit for any reason it feels necessary. This damage deposit will also be used if a Trainee elects to stay in the apartments we arrange for any damages / charges owing to the apartment management company.

Professionalism The public relations part of the training includes interacting with the school's regular customers; therefore, a professional attitude, proper grooming and attire are required at all times. The Academy reserves the right to request tattoos be covered or body piercings / jewelry be removed at it's sole discretion.

Tools All trainees will be required to have their own tool set (a recommended list will be provided). Please allow a minimum of $500 CDN for a basic set.

Housing You are responsible for your own accommodations, food, transportation and other personal expenses. The Academy may assist you in finding an apartment with other trainees (usually 3 trainees to a 2-bedroom apartment) and loan you some furniture. You would then be responsible for the terms of the lease, including: first and last month's rent, monthly rent of approx. $395 CDN, written notice of your intent to vacate the apartment 60 days after the end of the current month, and any damages.

Rent Assistance As a bonus for staying to complete the program right to the very end, the Academy will provide two months of "rent" (@ approx. $395 per month) to each trainee with their damage deposit refund. Please note: this is only provided to trainees that participate in at least 95% of the program days.

Medical form To finalize our acceptance procedure, we will require you to provide us with our medical form completed by your Doctor.

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We are now accepting applications for the 2014 Mechanics / Racing Training Programs. Please follow this link to download the application form. Once printed and completed, please fax back to 905.983.1004.

If you have any questions regarding the details of the program, please contact the Program Director, Jamie Fitzmaurice, at 905.983.1138.

(Group photos from 2013 program.)

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Mechanic Training Program enrollment available.
3½-month and 7-month programs
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