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32-year injury-free safety record
Just outside Toronto
Short Name
Half day, Full day
Intermediate and/or Advanced configurations at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre
Starting Times
8:00 AM, 12:30 PM
Finish Times
Approximately 5:00 PM, 12:00 PM
(Please note: this is a very approximate estimate due to so many unforcastable variables involved in activities such as this.)
Graduation from our 2-day Learn to Lap course, graduation from most 3-day race school courses, or similar qualifications.
We reserve the right to qualify enrollment.
Fully conversant in English.
Over 6'4" / 275 lbs or have unusual body proportions? You may still fit. See fitment details.
$895-1795 CDN + 13% sales tax
View Dates / Register Online (Full Lapping Day - Full day - 8:00 AM start - $1795 CDN)
View Dates / Register Online (Morning Lapping Day - Half day - 8:00 AM start - $895 CDN)
View Dates / Register Online (Morning Lapping Day - Half day - 8:00 AM start - $1295 CDN)
View Dates / Register Online (Afternoon Lapping Day - Half day - 12:30 PM start - $1295 CDN)
Professional facility
All safety equipment provided

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All The Details

Introduction You will drive 2008 Van Diemen Formula cars... at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre Damage Responsibility


Morning, afternoon and full day lapping events. Each session is a full 15 minutes from the green until the checkered with transponder timing and a corner-by-corner critique done one-on-one with your coach after every session.

Lapping Sessions Included:

  • Full Lapping Day - 5 sessions ($1795 CDN)
  • Morning Lapping Day / Half day - 2 sessions ($895 CDN)
  • Morning Lapping Day / Half day - 3 sessions ($1295 CDN)
  • Afternoon Lapping Day / Half day - 3 sessions ($1295 CDN)

Other features include corner workers, ambulance service and pit crew service to belt you in, clean your visor, and adjust your brake pedal, seat and gear lever!

Common items focused on include advanced braking, risk management, better racing lines and faster corner exits.

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You will drive 2008 Van Diemen Formula cars...

/images/2008/vd2008strip.jpg (14K)

You will love driving our fleet of modern Van Diemen Formula cars! Everything from their incredible handling and acceleration to their amazing braking capabilities will entice you to want to push yourself and the car to greater heights each and every session. They're a dream come true! [read more]

Top of Page at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Centre

NEW STARTING IN 2014! Purpose-built training track designed from the ground up expressly for driver development. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park owners Carlo Fidani and Ron Fellows have totally revamped the Driver Development Centre! In contrast to our previous 1.7km track length, the new track offers two configurations of 2.2km (intermediate) and 2.9km (advanced).

See our satellite overlay photo, track map and more on our Canadian Tire Motorsport Park page.

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Damage Responsibility

We provide the opportunity for our customers to be responsible for only a very small portion of the car's value in this course. (The “all in” investment of each of our Van Diemen race cars is $72,000.) Data from our recent history (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016) indicates that after thousands of race car laps, there were only 2 chargeable damages of $1373 and $647.

Our automatic damage responsibility amount is $10,000 CDN. (A $5000 deposit is acquired at your onsite registration for your course when you arrive.)


By choosing our Academy, you can enjoy a very low Damage Responsibility Reduction Fee of $295 CDN + 13% sales tax to lower your maximum (per occurrence, even though damages are very rare) to only $2400 CDN! (A $1900 deposit is acquired at your onsite registration for your course when you arrive.)

Should a race car be damaged, drivers are only responsible for up to the amount indicated above in any single incident. Considering the potential of some damage, it is only fair that drivers have this minor amount “on the line”. This is really a bonus! Consider that the next time you get in a racecar, you may not enjoy this consideration and might be accountable for the entire cost of the race car!

Compare with other schools and their offers (if any!) of limiting damage responsibility. Remember, the safety of the track is an integral function of the probability of a crash and the extent of damage. Compare facilities! Compare walls and guardrails! There is no driver damage responsibility for damage clearly resulting from mechanical failure!

Wheels Off Fines

While there are many advantages to a driver development track that doesn't contain the 120 mph sweepers, walls & guardrails of Pro Tracks, one of the deterrents can be the comfort / safety level. Some of the more aggressive drivers may feel comfortable with exceeding their capabilities, and thus they may slide off the track.

These seemingly innocent slides through the dirt & rocks eventually require additional maintenance. For 24 years it's been our philosophy that the clean drivers shouldn't share in the cost of this unnecessary / extra maintenance. Thus, only the drivers who choose to exceed their capabilities & skid all 4 wheels off the track are asked to pay towards the maintaining of the fleet. The first 3 off-track occurrences are charged $200 CDN each, then if a driver again loses control to the point of going all 4 wheels off, the charge will be $300 CDN each.

We hope you won't be overly concerned about the above, since the drivers themselves are in control of these occurrences. Most participants still enjoy spirited driving without needing to be spinning out repetitiously to have fun!

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• 32-year injury-free safety record!
• New purpose-built track and Event Centre!
• Very few race car damage bills, history provided!
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