Academy Safety

Not a single injury in all our 32 years. We think safety should be your primary concern. Compare! Here's what we offer:

Track Equipment
  • A driver development-inspired track design for testing the limits without the constant intimidation of walls and guardrails. For the 32 years that Goodman Motorsports have run schools, we have never had an injury!
  • All schools loan drivers a suit and a helmet. We also add gloves, socks and a balaclava.
  • On-board extinguishers are in all our Formula cars.
Instruction Trained Staff
  • Our Instructors are hand-picked by the Academy President for their teaching and safety risk management skills - not just for their racing skills.
  • All senior staff and most mechanics are annually re-certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • Lapping, 1-on-1 and race events have at least one ambulance and corner workers.
Car Contact  
  • Drivers are only responsible for a very small portion of the car's value in our upper-level courses.
  • Data from our recent history (2012, 2013 and 2014) indicates that after thousands of race car laps, there were only 4 chargeable damages: $1373, $1024, $703 and $647. (Data from our Mechanic / Racing Courses available on those pages.)

Mechanic / Racing Courses massively upgraded!
3-month and 6-month programs
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• 32-year injury-free safety record!
• New purpose-built track and Event Centre!
• Very few race car damage bills, history provided!
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