All Schools and Series are not the same! At the risk of seeming self-serving, here are some of the more salient points we feel you should consider while doing your comparisons:

Information Availability

  • Is enough information relevant in making a valid comparison offered in printed material or on the web site?

Damage responsibility

  • What is the probability of hitting something (i.e. lots of walls or guardrails)?
  • What is the maximum damage responsibility amount?
  • Does this automatically escalate if I dent the car at all?
  • What is the specific history of damages for each course for recent years?

Track and Safety

  • Is the track purpose-built for developmental training (i.e. almost devoid of walls and guardrails) or is it a more dangerous Pro track?
  • Will I be stuck on the same track for more than 2 days?
  • What's the school's safety record for the last two decades?
  • Am I provided with full safety equipment free of charge, or just a suit and helmet?

For more information, check out our page on Academy Safety.

Formula cars

  • Will I get to drive a modern formula car like the Academy's 2008 Van Diemen Formula E?
  • Will my race car have at least 170hp?
  • Will my race car have an in-steering wheel digital dash?
  • Will my race car have a modern sequential (very fun to drive;-) racing gearbox?

See full details on our Race Cars & Pace Cars page.

Staff and Services

  • Are the Coaches and Instructors full-time professionals or part timer coaches?
  • Will I have a pit crew member assist my car fitment, and will they adjust my seat, brake pedal, and shift lever?
  • Will I have the opportunity of having my Coach actually race against me?

Also see our Our Staff page.

Lapping and Practice

  • Will I start driving full laps of the track right after lunch on the first day?
  • Are there no rev' or speed limits imposed?
  • If my goal is to obtain a racing license, will I participate in a half-day of passing exercises and practice and a half-day of race starts exercises and practice?
  • Will I get to participate in a full practice race with a side-by-side start, passing into corners, and dog fighting against my instructor?


  • Does the price/quality ratio offer very good value for my money?

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